PTMT 2 IN 1 Angle Valve -Persia | PTMT Series | PTMT Taps | 2 IN 1 Taps | Blue Taps | Double Handle taps

266.00 excl. GST & Transportation

Star-X Bib Cock PTMT Tap | PTMT/Plastic Indigo Series Bib Cock | Long Body | with wall Flange



| PTMT Series | PTMT Taps | 2 IN 1 Taps | Blue Taps | Double Handle taps | PTMT 2 way ANGLE VALVE – PERSIA (BLUE). 

STAR-X  taps threads are very strong and perfect smoothly can install on Stainless steel Brass CPVC
any types of thread.

Don’t have chance for break or destroy threads if any problem or issues will come for thread related
we will replace the piece under the warranty.

PTMT 2 way ANGLE VALVE is ISI approved under IS: 9763 engraved on every piece Best quality swan neck taps for wholesale and retail at
cheapest prices for your order today and start sell hassle free.

75  pcs mini cartoon, easily 150  pcs can added in one bag for transport lifting.

✔LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: Each faucet is tested for leaks by both air and water against the high and low pressure. No Leak. NO Drip.

✔Made In India branded Competitive great accessory for household, perfect taps for bathroom plastic water tap, garden irrigation, Kitchen sink plastic taps , wash Basin nil for bathroom cold water faucet,
Bathtub bathroom water taps plastic tap ,use as car washing water tap accessories.

✔SPECIFICATION: WEIGHT : 225 Grams ; DIMENSIONS IN CM : (length) x (width) x (height) ; WARRANTY: Limited Three Year Warranty.

✅【Highlights】: PTMT Products are ISI Marked The water taps are strong, robust and break resistant
Hassle-free maintenance- does not require any polishing or lubrication.

Can be cleaned by domestic cleaners, Disinfectants and Acids Eco-friendly and reusable
packaging. 100% Made in India PTMT/Plastic Faucet 3 year Warranty..

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