PVC 2 in 1 Angle Valve – Fusion

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PP and crystal material 90degree smooth drive

fitting with 1 year warranty




PVC 2 in 1 Angle Valve – Fusion

PVC 2 in 1 Angle Valve – Fusion taps for use wash basin, bathtub, Kitchen sink Holes for the water hose must fit the proper width and the sink bowl must handle the amount of water output for a kitchen faucet.

Our PVC taps special for quality we have last 15 Years experience to make this product better quality.

PVC 2 in 1 Angle Valve – Fusion in Delhi internal Disc fitting is made up of High quality ABS material.

we use 100% alumina ceramic disc for 45degree turn smoothness, all synthetic washers for long term so no chance for leakage.

STAR-X taps outer body made up of Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), its a high density polymer which has no effect for temperature up to 80-90 degree.

STAR-X  taps threads are very strong and perfect smoothly can install …

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